The Salmon Ran: Washington QSO Party 2007

I operated in the Salmon Run a.k.a. the Washington State QSO party with the South Hill Contest Club, N7PP. Nick Winter, K7MO, and Harry Hudson, K7LAZ, organized a county expedition to Asotin county. The rest of the team consisted of Linda Adams, KE7FKX, Alan Lentz, W7AML, and myself. Harry’s XYL Carol came along as well to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. Very few hams live in Asotin county, making a contact in that grid square pretty rare. Harry and I operated CW. Nick, Linda, and Alan worked SSB. Most of the contacts were SSB but on CW we get twice as many points for each contact so CW bagged more points. My most memorable contact was with EL2DX in Liberia. I typed the call into the call field in N1MM and saw Liberia come up as the country in the info box. I asked for a repeat and called Harry over to confirm that I copied the call right because I couldn’t believe it. He confirmed I heard right and said, “log it, log it!” Our preliminary score calculation is over 400,000 points with 1,260 contacts and 126 multipliers. I hope the score holds up after corrections are complete.

Outside of the contest, Nick and Alan, W7AML, made a sked with Paul Kiesel, K7CW, for a 6 meter contact. Paul is a serious 6 meter DX’er but lacked the Asotin grid square, in spite of winning awards and having confirmed world wide contacts. We set up a 6 meter yagi at 4,500 feet and Alan contacted Paul in the morning on Saturday. Openings for six meters were elusive through the weekend so the contact with K7CW was a labor of love. The antenna worked and looked beautiful. Too bad the magic band didn’t produce more contacts.

The Salmon Run of 2007 turned out to be one of my best ham radio experiences to date. I’m glad I had a chance to run with the salmon this year.

Even with a wand like this one, the magic band didn’t show us anything amazing.
6 Meter Yagi on the Butte

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