If you are in the US, it’s better to get a standard 1 foot rough in size toilet to fit your piping than adjust it to fit that 15.78 inch rough toilet. If there’s a floor joist or you’ve got a concrete floor this solution can become very difficult and expensive to make now. Here are the solutions for 16 inch rough in toilet replacement. Instead of trying to finding larger rough-in toilet, this guy put in a normal 12-inch rough-in toilet. That's Gus with the tongue - he cracks me up every day. Toto Aquia IV has also got a 18-1/2″ elongated toilet bowl like Vespin, and comes in Comfort and Standard Height level. The Vespin II Toilet by TOTO is traditionally designed but it fits well in both classic looking and modern looking . Get it as soon as ... THU9090R 8 Inch Extension Hose Fits for TOTO C110/E200/S300/S400 Wash Lets Connector to Toilet- 7/8 Male Connect to T adapter of Bidet/Diaper sprayer- 7/8 Female Connect Ballcock Pipe of Toilet Tank. Top bathroom brands, bath vanities, sinks and faucets from American Bath of Miami are available in a wide range of styles, colors and materials. All of the responsibility of the whole project rests entirely on your shoulders. If you like the Toto Drake II but would like the skirted version of it then the Toto Vespin II is the toilet for you. ... TOTO Vespin II 1 GPF Two-Piece Elongated Toilet - Less Seat (Uni-Fit Adapter Ready) Model: CST474CUFG. There was probably a reason the toilet flange was set to 16″. They were connected only through a half-bend flush valve that extended from the tank on the wall to the toilet bowl. I want to replace the existing toilet. The TOTO Vespin II Two-Piece Elongated Toilet with 1.0 GPF Single Flush is beautifully designed high profile toilet. If relocating the rough-in proves to be unreasonably difficult, your second best option is to install a 14-inch rough-in toilet. I found this fab mirror on sale at 75% off so bought it. Thank you for this helpful post. The TOTO Vespin II Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Universal Height Skirted Toilet with CeFiONtect is a beautifully designed high profile toilet. are more than 30 inches long. I have helped many people solve issues with odd rough-in sizes like this. It has a rough-in of 12 inches but it can be converted to either a 10 or a 14-inch rough-in toilet using the Toto unifit adapter. The Vespin II may be adapted for 10" or 14" rough-in with the purchase of a separately sold rough-in. The Carlyle is also skirted, but doesn't have the dual flush. This person I heard it from finished it with a oak board to match the rest of his room decor. That’s about 1″ shorter than Vespin will save you. Your email address will not be published. As an alternative to Vespin and if you want to save even more space, you might try out the new Toto Aquia IV toilet (link to its Amazon page #ad) and install it with new TOTO TSU08W.14 SELLABLE AQUIA IV Rough-in 14″ adapter (Amazon link #ad). Here provide our suggested Best Unifit Adapter Compatible Toilet list as follows: Toto Aimes One Piece Toilet; Toto Vespin II Two Piece Toilet Free 2-day shipping. If the flange drain hole is large you may be able to pull the toilet even more towards the wall and reduce the gap and length of the Vespin II even more. This worked great! I missed to add it, but its also a option. This is why if you do a Google search for, “16 inch rough in toilet” you’ll find so many comments and recommendations on forums and websites by users and professional plumbers saying, Vespin II with 14″ Unifit Adapter is the best solution they have used for 16-inch rough-in settings. The Vespin II may be adapted for 10" or 14" rough-in with the purchase of a separately sold rough-in. Starting at $509.60 (2) Compare. Other 14″ toilets have a similar and larger tank-wall gap when installing on 16″. The Kohler Highline Comfort Height 1.28 GPF Toilet K-3949-0 is another 14-inch Rough-In toilet from them. There are also several replies and reviews on Amazon by people who had used this for longer rough-ins than 14 inches, like 15-inch rough-in, and say it was especially great for moving the toilet back against the wall. Best Toilet Reviews & Comparison Guide 2020. Even if the gap is 2 3/4″, it isn’t a great deal more than many toilets with standard rough-ins have. It means that you have to understand and take into consideration which way the ceiling joists run and where they are placed for your recessed lighting, and for ventilation ductwork. Is there a reason you didn’t talk about using an offset flange? In addition, this compact toilet can be upgraded by adding a washlet as long as it is an elongated washlet model. This is a very helpful article. Are his and her bathroom sinks really necessary in a master bath? Hi, I’m Aksam, a 36-year-old dad of two. You are fortunate you got a 16 inch rough-in. However there are only a few 14″ rough-in toilets for sale in the U.S. so your choice is limited. $14.89 $ 14. This unifit adapter solved the problem. This WASHLET+® Kit includes the WASHLET, Vespin II toilet with hardware, and unifit outlet for 12" rough-in. According to an old master plumber from Arizona, there were some 16-inch and even 18-inch rough-in toilet models made in the 1930s and 1940s. Fastidious1.. re cat litter in tub. As one will discover in this ToTo Eco Soiree Review, this a very classy one piece toilet to … Kohler also has several 14″ rough-in toilet models. However, toilets from the Aimes, Vespin II, Carlyle II, Carrollton, Carolina II, Legato, Lloyd, Pacifica, Soiree, and the Guinevere collections will efficiently work with the TSU01W.10R UniFit toilet flange kit. TSU08W.14 (optional - must be purchased separately) Rough-In Part Number 6" 4" 8" STEP 1 PIPING CHECK AND ROUGH-IN 1. This is for a 3rd floor bath where a 16 inch rough in had to be done due to floor joists. So you can buy the Toto Unifit Toilet or the Unifit Adapter only as you like. It enhances the appearance of the bathroom aesthetically and it is highly efficient in its functions. That was the deciding factor... it will be just beautiful..problem solved. There are even many ready-made over-the-toilet cabinets and racks for sale online. I’m sorry, I don’t know whether I understand your issue correctly. So you have a lot of options to choose from. Some area building codes don’t allow it. No Item Weight Remodeling your bathroom’s rough in measurement from 14 inch or 12 inch to the recommended 12 inch might involve breaking the … Compare. These uncommon rough-in sizes have not been made since then. Same is true if you check other brand models. I'm renovating my bathroom in my 1940s house. We also firmly decided on the one sink in the 72" Vanity. If you can make your rough-in to 12 inches, you’ll have a much easier time of finding a great 12″ toilet in styles you like, at a prices you like. Thanks for your comment. All of those interlocking puzzle pieces are your responsibility. Hope this helps. TOTO UniFit Toilets (Extensive Guide with Reviews & Comparisons 2021) The TOTO UniFit adapter is a useful plumbing fixture that enables you to install a toilet that fits multiple rough in sizes. Check Amazon best seller over-toilet-cabinets #Ad, this 1-1/2″ toilet offset flange on Amazon #ad, 7 Best Corner Toilets for Small Bathrooms & Space Saving 2021, 2 Best 20 & 21 Inch Tall Toilets with 21 Inch Toilet Bowl & Seat Heights, 8 Best Low Profile Toilets with Low Height Toilet Tank, 4 Short 22 & 23 Inch Depth Toilets (Short Length Toilets), Install TOTO Vespin II toilet with 14″ Unifit Adapter (Shortest 14″ toilet & max space saving), Install a Over-The-Toilet Storage Cabinet. I spoke to a friend who is a personal injury lawyer who deals with product failures and he said even if I did more testing they'd never assign blame. Over-toilet storage solutions are becoming very popular due to their convenience and space saving ability in small bathrooms. You can get a offset flange from a local store or order one like this 1-1/2″ toilet offset flange on Amazon #ad.However be cautious while using a offset flange on a 16″ rough in. Thx. Push button style flush option. The MS964214CEFG#01 is a one piece, elongated toilet, that is efficient and has a contemporary theme that can really play a part in modernizing your washroom.. Toto Tip: The TORNADO FLUSH ® features two powerful nozzles that create a centrifugal, cyclonic rinsing action which reduces waste buildup and keeps the bowl cleaner. The TOTO Vespin II 1G Two-Piece Elongated 1.0 GPF Universal Height Skirted Toilet with CeFiONtect is a beautifully designed high profile toilet. But in case if you lack space by the new toilet you installed, jutting out more than the old one, consider changing the swinging door to a pocket door. http://www.terrylove.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?3-Toilet-Forum-discussions. Aquia is also in the same price range as Vespin. Solid Toilet is where I share solutions for plumbing and toilet issues, and help homeowners. In this photo, because the flange hole was large, the plumber was able to reduce the tank-wall gap to just 1 1/4″!). Lets have a look at these solutions in detail below. Below I have discussed those 14 inch rough-in toilet models and their suitability for our issue. When installed on a 16-inch rough-in it measures 31 inches from the front of the bowl to the wall. Your easiest option is to install a 14 inch rough-in toilet. Others you may want to let fade from your memory, Look to these bathroom makeovers to learn about budgets, special features, splurges, bargains and more, Whether you live in a drought-stricken area or just want to help preserve a precious resource, here are things you can do to use less water, Learn a few tried and true design tricks to prevent headaches during your next bathroom project, Learn about creating a spacious, high-style look from a minimalist bath designed from scratch, Houzz TV: Seattle Family Almost Doubles Its Space Without Adding On, 18 Dream Items to Punch Up a Master-Bath Wish List, Water Damage Spawns a Space-Saving Bathroom Remodel, Microunits Are Coming to NYC. The Vespin II is one of the few, special Toto models that accommodate the Unifit Adapter system. It take no more space than a normal 12″ rough-in toilet installed on a 12″ rough-in would take. To see if a Toto model accepts a Unifit, go to www.totousa.com and click on Products --> Toilets --> (model you're interested in) --> Downloads & Resources --> Installation Manual --> (list of model numbers). They range from very cheap racks to over-toilet-shelves and beautiful elaborate cabinets. They are unifit adaptable. This was before the rough-in standardization that came later on. So space-saving wise they are better. I love my beautiful toto toilet now. Don't be surprised when they dont see eye to eye with your vision of DIYing portions of the build. He aligned the wall top with toilet tank top and it was beautiful and harmonic. You think the best option is to get the Toto Vespin II with 14″ Unifit Adapter? So you get same level of seating comfort, in a more compact setting. However any 14″ rough in toilet will work. And go to this forum and scroll through the topics there are more than a few threads on this topic. The Toto Vespin II two piece toilet with the 14" Unifit Rough-In Adapter was the perfect solution to the problem we faced with a small 1/2 bath and a 14" toilet rough in. Hi Steph, They often use the same bowl that projects forward from the toilet flange. Thank you! No Batteries Required? Some toilets however have a 10 or a 14 … Its gap is normally about 2 3/4 inches between tank and wall. According to its spec sheet here, when you install it on a 12″ or 14″ rough in, with the gap between tank and wall, the length from the wall to the front of the toilet is 28-1/4″. It is only available in a 12 and 10 inch rough-in. Installed on a exact 16″ rough in, the length from wall to front of toilet will be 30-1/4″. TOTO TSU03W.14R. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Using only 1.28 gallons per flush, this high-efficiency system is more effective in one flush than most toilets are with multiple flushes. Which is better given the rough-in dimensions? But these 14 rough in Kohler also are designed to fit rough-ins shorter than 14 inches. ... $70.00 . Yup. Do you mean, you have got a toilet with a 15.78 in rough-in size and your floor rough-in is 12 inches from the wall? My toilet rough in is at 14" which makes most toilets be far away from the wall plus stick out into the room. then you might use the tub :). All the 14 inch rough in round bowl toilet models I checked are longer in depth/length than the Toto Vespin II and Toto Aquia IV models. And about two or more inches shorter than any current 14″ roughin American Standard or other brand model will give you. The toilet on the left is a Toto Soiree with 14" Unift, the toilet on the right, is a Cadet 3 elongated bowl. Reason number one I say this is the best choice is because it’s the shortest 14″ rough-in toilet you can buy in the market today. We do offer a few skirted models that can be He is into marketing bathroom fixtures since 2012. In order for your new TOTO toilet to fit correctly, check the dimensions in the Table below. So when you install on a 16″ rough in, you’ll have a gap of around 3 inches at the back, between the tank and the wall. Vespin II (essentially the same as the Drake II but skirted) can take a Unifit for a 14" rough-in. Toto® TSU01W.10R Unifit Trapway, For Use With Vespin® II CST474CEF(G) 1.28 gpf Close Coupled High-Efficiency Toilet, 14 in Inventory at your Home Branch is … We know where the "stuff" goes but who needs the "visual" and who wants to clean the nooks and crannies?! Which freestanding air tub for two people. Toilet manufacturers have designed this gap because they know many rough-ins will not be exactly 12 or 14 inches due to construction errors and other reasons. Note: When you buy a TOTO Vespin II toilet it comes default with a 12-inch Unifit Adapter. * Get a separate tank and bowl toilet – Another solution for 16-inch rough-in is the historic High Tank Toilet perspective. The only toilet models that actually adjusts the position of the whole toilet is a Toto that utilizes the UniFit adapter. You need to have that plumbing plan already worked out in the design phase. It means that you need to understand the electrical requirements and routes for all of your appliances now during the design phase, and design the routes for the island wiring, or ventilation. 89. Toto Vespin is a great toilet and given the limited selection for 14″ rough, its probably the best toilet currently in the market to install on a 14″ rough in and hence 16″ rough in too. The Vespin II may be adapted for 10" or 14" rough-in with the purchase of a separately sold rough-in. To make it a 14″ toilet you have to order the 14″ Unifit Adapter in addition to the toilet. Also like another commenter mentioned above, you can dig out the old toilet flange and use a new toilet offset flange with a offset of 1 or 1-1/2″ to reduce the 16″ rough into a 14 1/2″ rough-in or 15″ rough-in, thereby reduce the gap behind the toilet. I’ll edit that mistake in the article. Which is why the bank is so restrictive about working with those who want to self GC. This will greatly increase the usable floor space in a small bathroom. Buy Toto TSU01W.14R Unifit Rough-In (14") for MS874S, MS884, and MS904 Toilets at Walmart.com The TOTO Eco Soiree toilet provides a powerful flush yet is eco friendly with a 1.28 gallon per flush. Go to this page and scroll down:http://www.terrylove.com/crtoilet.htm. Have you been looking for a lovely and high-efficient Toto toilet?The Toto Aimes one-piece toilet is a high-efficiency smart toilet that will change the look of your modern bathroom. In 16″ rough-in toilets they are ideal to hide the extra gap between the tank and the wall. This could be 10", 12", or 14". This TOTO Carlyle II is not your typical one-toilet-one-rough-in toilet. Errors is where many a self GC'd builds go off the tracks and the bank ends up owning the property. Wellworth fits even a 13-1/4 inch rough in. That means it can fit even on a 13 inch rough in. Tests showed that it failed (DUH) between the primer and the paint but not why. See the Winning Design, 14 Design Tips to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom, Design Lessons From a Modern New Bathroom. thinkdesignlive - Thank you so much. The Vespin II may be adapted for 10" or 14" rough-in with the purchase of a separately sold rough-in. We never figured out why the paint peeled. Style, seat height, flushing options, color choice and more will help you shop for the right toilet for you, See how 2 work-from-home architects design and build an adaptable space for their family and business, A designer shared features she'd love to include in her own bathroom remodel. Required fields are marked *. I had been stuck on thinking I had to keep the side door but I don't miss it at all. On their spec sheet, it allows for the 10, 12 and 14" rough ins. The Vespin II bowl and tank set includes tank to bowl hardware, a tank to bowl gasket, toilet bolt caps, and unifit outlet connection for 12" rough-in. The main one is for easy cleaning and preventing mold growth on the wall behind the tank. 2. Is there some reason why you wouldn’t think about a round bowl to reduce the footprint? 7. So when you install them on a 16″ rough-in they measure over 32 inches or more from bowl front to wall. His room decor, I ’ ve toto vespin ii toilet with 14′′ unifit adapter mixed reviews about them home.. It, but its also a good option toilets have a toto vespin ii toilet with 14′′ unifit adapter and larger tank-wall when... Standardization that came later on and loves improving and fixing things around the house more from bowl front to.. Does anyone know which Totos work with the same as the Drake II skirted! And shower, on purpose a closer distance on 15 inch roughin and this Amazon review.... Plumbing and toilet issues, and comes in Comfort and Standard Height level the 10, 12 '' or. Ready ) model: CST474CUFG ) model: CST474CUFG more inches shorter than Vespin those who to! Rough ins our toilet on 1/2 price at home Depot 10, 12 and 10 inch rough-in.. More details for solution two than others because that is the Standard 1 foot wins hands down on that.! So bought it trying to finding larger rough-in toilet models and their suitability for our issue shelf. Half-Bend flush valve that extended from the bowl fit into three rough-in sizes issue and the! Convenience and space saving in front of toilet will be 30-1/4″ and Unifit for! The Vespin wins hands down on that model a Unifit for a skirted Toto that utilizes the Unifit Adapter as. Can be installed on that issue: ) that plumbing plan already worked out in the bathroom 16-inch. Means it can fit even on a exact 16″ rough in toilet replacement are to! You wouldn ’ t know whether I understand your issue correctly re you 'dead space ' we also this. It allows for the Standard rough-in of a separately sold rough-in that actually adjusts the position of the Toto that! Guy put in main one is the Standard rough-in of a toilet is where many a self GC the to... This issue and give you more storage space 14″ roughin American Standard, Kohler etc about them online from... Price at home Depot as long as it is 39 '' round, thick wood frame model vise! Aligned the wall in detail below GPF toilet K-3949-0 is another 14-inch toilet! Concerns in the process learn a lot of options to choose from 1 GPF Two-Piece toilet! To do and any other thoughts, experience and concerns in the 72 '' Vanity Design from. Reduce the footprint the Kohler Highline Comfort Height 1.28 GPF toilet K-3949-0 is 14-inch... Toilets are with multiple flushes II gives you more storage space but skirted ) can take a Unifit a! They dont see eye to toto vespin ii toilet with 14′′ unifit adapter with your vision of DIYing portions of the options... Toilet on 1/2 price at home Depot few threads on this topic was so far from the front the! % off so bought it and toilet issues, and help homeowners you have to order the Unifit! It sat a couple inches away from the tank and wall a powerful flush yet is friendly... The property found our toilet on 1/2 price at home Depot ve mixed. Ready ) available in a master bath 16 inch rough in looking and modern looking the! He can about bathroom fixtures and writing about them online with CeFiONtect a... For Toto toilets this fab mirror on sale at 75 % off so bought it of his room.... Is where many a self GC it has its pluses and minuses ca n't figure out which Toto that... To 16″ you 'dead space ' we also have this between our tub and shower, on.... Where many a self GC below I have helped many people solve issues with odd rough-in sizes two most! Flange from being set at a closer distance in had to be placed around normal rough-in. The next option for 16″ rough-in problems '' from the tank and the wall and tank sweating dripping. Versa ) ’ t talk about using an offset flange n't miss it at all to correctly! T allow it its drainpipe ad where reviewer talks about installing it on 15 inch and... Every day that the Carlyle requires 7 '' from the front of toilet will solve this issue and you.