Updated! N1MM and Morse Runner connector script

I updated my script that connects Morse Runner to N1MM so that the call does not repeat. From tons of feedback that I got (well, three people) the number one request was to stop repeating the call at the end of a QSO before the QRZ. The number two request was for a SO2R simulation which is beyond my skills I’m afraid. All of the Morse Runner function keys work plus I added the N1MM ‘tick-mark’ key (the little single back quote that is above the tilde on US English keyboards) to log the QSO. If you would like to give this a try, download the new script and read my prior post on the subject. My previous article has the installation details and a link to a YouTube video of Morse Runner and N1MM working together.


2 responses to “Updated! N1MM and Morse Runner connector script”

  1. Rex

    Gonna try it.


  2. K3NG

    Thanks for writing this, Don. This is great and is working flawlessly for me!


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