What a Difference Sunspots Make

I worked a little DX during the ARRL DX CW contest last weekend. It was very pleasing to work Europe on 15 meters at 100 watts and a ground mounted vertical antenna. One of the French contacts reported their power as 5. Now if that was really QRP, then they had a great mix of antennas and propagation because their signal was a solid 599. I have to look at my logs but I don’t think I’ve worked Europe on 15 meters from my current QTH and certainly not while using my SteppIR BigIR vertical.

Speaking of the vertical, I have had limited success with the 3/4 wave mode of the antenna. There must be something wrong with the mix of radials and proximity with the house that sends the SWR over 2 or 3. Regular 1/4 wave works FB so no sweat.

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