Wooot! K7OG Will Certainly Make It To K5ZD's Partial Check DB

I know K7OG will be K5ZD’s super check partial lookup database because I worked K5ZD during the ARRL RTTY Round Up. Hah! I don’t have to depend on submitting a log or hoping for some other operator to submit their log.

The RTTY Round Up contest was pretty fun. Just casually, I worked over 100 stations with 38 domestic and 5 DX multipliers. RTTY lacks a certain amount of excitement for me. It starts to boil down to Read the Call, Type or Click the Call, Ask for a Fill or Hit the Exchange F key, and Hit Enter. At one point I was falling asleep at the computer. Having a running IM chat with Matt KR7W kept me awake – and this was in the middle of the day when I had had plenty of sleep. SSB and CW just seems more interactive where at least you have to copy and comprehend the exchange in your brain before logging the contact. No disrespect to RTTY fans intended. Once you have the computer set up, the rest is pretty automatic though. Maybe its different if you are DX or a rare section. The only ND station I heard was running a giant pile-up and frankly, showing some frustration at how rude some of the callers were. I ran CQ in the last 30 minutes of the contest because by then, the big contest stations have worked everyone and operators are willing to try to dig out some weak ones. I worked ID that way.

My little IC-718 works great for RTTY. RTTY is one of the selectable modes and the 500K CW filter I have installed narrows the passband right down onto the signal. It helps to have my microHAM MicroKeyer feeding FSK directly to the rig too. Makes my RTTY signal very clean indeed. I like using DM780 for general CW logging but the software doesn’t cut it for RTTY. It doesn’t have an option to push data out through a serial port and will only generate soundcard RTTY. Good enough if you take the time to get all of the sound card settings right but who has time for that?

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