Worked CQWW CW with good results

I do not run a big gun station with my 0.001 KW and ground-mounted vertical so I have the best luck with search and pounce. If I hear DX before the pileup starts, then I can make the contact most of the time. I worked more of Asia this year than I expected to. I picked up China and Hong Kong, which is rare DX for me, a ton of JA, which is not rare DX, and several Pacific Island entities. I managed to work New Zealand, an entity that has been rare during the solar minimum; distance from me to them is about 7000 miles. I did not work any Eastern Europe, which has been good for me in the past. Conditions may vary, obviously. The piles were too big for Malaysia and South America. I managed to work Mexico and Belize. It was all in the timing. Fourty meters was very good into well after dark on Friday night local time. I am pleased with how much fun I had picking up just 16 multipliers this year.

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