Working Domestic DX

Last night I had a lot of fun working the ARRL 10M contest from home at night – when the band was almost totally closed. A group of contesters and DXers were grouped together sort of half rag chewing half contesting and half working simulated DX. On 10 meters at night, South Dakota is DX, Colorado is DX, and even California is DX. The other guys on the band would ‘spot’ a station they could just barely hear and see who could work the station, jumping back and forth between CW and SSB, running up to a frequency and dropping back to the impromptu DX spotting network. It was a lot of fun. I worked more SSB last night than I have from my home QTH in a long time. When I first went to key the mic, I found that my foot switch wasn’t even plugged into the rig! I also haven’t worked much 10M and found that I have some station RFI clean up to do. My signal really interferes with our TV and the noise canceling on my headphones is unusable due to RF feedback. Time to get into the world of ferrite beads, common mode chokes, and band pass filters.

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