WriteLog Contest Module Development – New Free Tools

I didn’t think it could be done but leave it to clever programmers…. You can use the free Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition to compile WriteLog mult-modules! Follow the instructions in this Code Project page. NOTE: the WriteLog Contest Wizard with *NOT* run because it does not work with Visual Studio 2008. I installed VC++ Express, the Windows Server 2003 DDK, and made the minor changes that were needed to a couple of header files described in the Code Project instructions. With Visual Studio setup and the Windows Server 2003 DDK installed, the modules compile without errors and will actually work in WriteLog. You need a resource editor as well because the Express editions of Visual Studio don’t come with one. There is a terrific free resource editor you can use for this called ResEdit. This is a great solution if you want to just poke around a bit without investing in a license for VC++ 6.0. Just download the demo module I’ve been writing about to get started.

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